The Man Behind the Camera

Hey there, I'm Ethan Chene, just another human just trying to get through life without regrets. This sack of shit is held together with stoic thoughts, antidepressants, and a pair of suspenders.


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A window into a soul with depression and the silent battle it fights.
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  • A young man with glasses focusing a camera, wearing a vest and wristwatch, with a blurred green background.

    I'm a Storyteller

    In essence, my photography is more than just images because the story is what makes every photograph meaningful. I want to draw the viewer in; to share an experience with me; to see the world as I see it.

  • A winding forest path covered in fallen autumn leaves, surrounded by trees with a stone wall on one side.

    I'm on a Journey

    What matters most to me is the journey of creating art. Whether my work is deemed 'good' or 'bad' by others is inconsequential. I'm simply here to make art and grow into the best version of myself.

  • Black and white photo of the structural details of a steel bridge with riveted girders and a large vertical tower.

    I'm Bridging a Connection

    I want to create photographs that resonate deeply with others, fostering meaningful connections. The idea that an image can leave a lasting impression on someone is incredibly intriguing to me.

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How is your name pronounced?

It's pronounced like Shane, rhymes with main.

How long have you been doing photography?

I have been a been looking at the world through a lens for about 6 years.

Can I hire you to photograph my event?

No. I do not currently accept freelance offers. I'm just an artist for fun.

Do you license your photos?

Yes. If you want to use an image in your marketing campaign or use it for commercial use I am willing to sell a license. Just contact me for an inquiry.

What is your favorite animal?

Penguins. 🐧 I can't get enough of them. National Geographic, if you're reading this, I will pay to photograph penguins.

Are you willing to collaborate?

Absolutely. I would be down to collaborate with other artists.

How can I stay updated on new releases and promotions?

Follow my instagram @chenpro I am trying to be more active on that platform and grow a community. If you dig my art LMK with a follow 😄